Remote Work Leaders Gather in Bali June 23-24 for Running Remote, the Largest-Ever Conference on Distributed Teams

 Two days of talks and panels on the future of remote work

On June 24 in Bali, Joel Gascoigne, Buffer CEO, and Amir Salihedfendic, Doist CEO, will discuss the evolution of remote work culture

The world's biggest remote work conference will be attended by 250 remote team leaders from over 30 countries on June 23 and 24 in Bali. Organized by one of Forbes' top 10 co-working spaces on earth, Hubud, Running Remote 2018 it will take place at the Luxury Spa resort Fivelements Bali, in Indonesia.

For the first time in the Southern Hemisphere, experts will host a series of talks about building, running and scaling remote teams of the future.

The fireside chat between Joel (CEO of Buffer) and Amir (CEO or Doist) will be a highlight of the conference. Buffer has scaled a fully remote company with over 70 staff and $80 million in revenue. In an interview with Amir who believes real-time communication may be counterproductive in remote work, Joel Gascoigne will share his perspective on benefits of running a remote company.

Lara K Owen, director of global workplace operations at GitHub, will also be speaking at the conference. "The challenges are still many and the methods for success are still evolving. That's why it's so important for those of us leading the way to come together to share our knowledge, our passion and our best practices." 


  • Atlassian: The Future of Teamwork in a Distributed World
  • Gender Equity: How Remote Work Can Move the Needle
  • How Do You Collaborate on Design Remotely?
  • How GitLab Handles Daily Operations Without an Office
  • Why Real-Time Communication is Venom for Remote Work
  • Why Buffer Chose to Build Remote First

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The speakers are:

  • Joel Gascoigne: Co-Founder and CEO, Buffer
  • Dominic Price: Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian
  • Amir Salihefendic: Founder, Doist
  • Lara K Owen: Director, Global Workplace Operations, GitHub
  • Sara Sutton Fell: Founder, Flexjobs
  • Liam Martin: Co-Founder, Time Doctor &
  • Indrek Pällo: Chief Representative, Enterprise Estonia Singapore, E-Residency
  • Dmitriy Zaporozhets: Co-Founder, GitLab
  • Justin Cooke: CMO, Empire Flippers
  • Sarah Kuehnle: Head of Product,
  • Andrea Loubier: CEO, Mailbird
  • Stuart Jones: Founder, Coworkation
  • Steve Munroe: CEO, Hubud
  • Omar Zenhom: CEO, WebinarNinja
  • Trimikha Valentius: Lead Developer, Ogilvy Australia
  • Reg Cheramy (Co-Founder and CEO, StormBoard)
  • Marit Martin (Co-Founder and CEO, Hundred5)


The event is sponsored by a group of companies whose workforce entirely or substantially consists of remote employees: Heetch, TransferWise, Transformify, Time Doctor, Empire Flippers, Visuer Interactive, Remote Work Hub, Newswire, WebinarNinja, Intellyo, Kinetic Business Solutions, Balsamiq, Slido, Estonia e-Residency, Scraping Hub, Crunchbase and Coworkation.


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